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List of documents provided- Proper Address Proofs in desired format as per the guidelines outlined by the GST Authorities. Service Agreement and NOC from legal occupant of the premises with the supporting utility bills.

Yes, with proper documentation, GST number can be obtained with Virtual Office. Address Proof, Agreement and NOC from legal owner is provided.

A dedicated phone number is not included as part of the Virtual Office service, but you can obtain one separately through IVR service providers.

Virtual office is the best and alternative solution to renting or owning a dedicated office space in India. You can save a lot of money by opting for this service. You can use virtual office for a company or GST registration. It is a quick solution for your legal documentation and to cover up your compliances for verifications, as all this will be taken care of by Aaddress.in.

PAN Card (Individual / Company), Aadhaar Card of Directors, Certificate of Incorporation (In case of mailing address & GST Registration)Aadhar Card of Directors, Company Name (In case of company registration).

You can use a virtual office for your business address, government registrations, and bank account opening.

It takes us 3-4 working days to share the required documents in return (post receiving the complete details, payments from you).

Everytime a courier is received, You’ll be notified on the same. You can either get it collected yourself and you can ask us to forward it to your address by paying the nominal courier charges.

Any company, startup, freelancer, or brand can make use of a virtual office. It serves as a valuable resource for business professionals seeking to launch a new venture or extend their presence across India. When compared to traditional rental options, it’s a more cost-effective choice.

RAW Workspace Solution helps both-small and large businesses set up their virtual presence in various locations all across India. Some of the prime locations are Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Gurugram and Kolkata.

The concept of a ‘virtual office’ is to provide an alternative to renting or owning an office space. It acts like a new business solution. But in reality, our virtual offices are like working business centres and coworking spaces in India. You can access meeting rooms, day passes, reception services, and other office benefits.

There are numerous reasons to choose Aaddress.in for setting up your virtual office. Some of the key benefits include not only providing you with a premium business mailing address but also the necessary GST-compliant documents for your GST and business registrations. Additionally, you can enjoy the advantages of physical office facilities, including access to meeting rooms, day passes, participation in entrepreneurship events, reception services, unlimited tea and coffee, prominent display of your company’s name, and much more.

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