Adobe adds AI features to Photoshop with new Generative Fill feature

Photoshop gets generative AI tool in major Adobe update

I was amazed by how natural it looked, as if the extra space was there all along. I decided to use Generative Fill and my imagination to come up with the image below. The only skill this took was for me to make selections, type very simple prompts, and click generate. Adobe says the new generative AI tool in Photoshop will enable users to explore more creative possibilities and test concepts. Adobe is adding its AI image generator, Firefly, to its Photoshop arsenal, promising to further accelerate the graphic designer’s workflow. The new tool is currently only available for users of the beta version of Photoshop, with a wider release expected to follow.

In practice as a designer or artist, having AI is like having a second brain, an intern, or a copilot to bounce ideas around or organize information. Innovation often bursts forth from the unexpected, so have fun dreaming up extraordinary prompts. An eccentric prompt like “a cacophonic symphony played by a swarm of extraterrestrial fireflies,” could result in a masterpiece. I got early hands-on access to Firefly and was impressed by how it can support artists and their work. Adobe Firefly’s Generative Fill is an excellent tool for manipulating your images. An AI pic of ‘Hide the pain Harold’ also came under similar criticism, with many users shocked how the software had imagined the lower half of his, um, anatomy.

Enhancing images with filters and effects

But as you can see, there are no mushroom props around the burger, though a few other unsolicited ones. The quality is also not up to par, and the burger – along with many outcomes by Canva AI – looks a little too fake. Society has an odd obsession with technology and its potential to overtake the human race. If anything, you’d think we’d be more inclined to focus all efforts on prolonging existence instead of contemplating reasons for our possible doom.

  • But when using a prompt, expanded images will include any content mentioned in the prompt.
  • Notable for Photoshop is Firefly’s Generative Fill tool, which fills in or expands an image based on a text prompt you give it.
  • I do wonder if it’ll make us a little lazier now it’s just getting easier and easier to ‘fix in post’.

For graphic design and advertising, AI enables quick content generation and modification, resizing images, constructing layouts, and adjusting colors. By leveraging AI, designers can create more engaging and personalized experiences for their target audience. Adobe’s vision for Firefly is to help people expand their natural creativity and boost their ability to express ideas.

Step-by-step guide to using Adobe Photoshop Generative AI Fill

The Generative Fill Tool could potentially alleviate these difficulties, simplifying and streamlining the process significantly. Matt Wolfe is a YouTuber that I watch to keep up to date with the latest AI apps/tools and in a certain segment of this video he talks about Photoshop Generative genrative ai Fill Tool. Generated content can be added to a canvas via Generative Expand with or without a text prompt. But when using a prompt, expanded images will include any content mentioned in the prompt. AI, or artificial intelligence, has been hitting the headlines over the past year.

Yakov Livshits

The result is pretty impressive considering the huge size increase requested. As for patterns, activating the ‘Scale’ or ‘Mirror’ options can yield more consistent Fills. Feel free to subtract or add to the sampling areas and see how the predictions vary. I have given this new feature a quick try out and am impressed with the results so far. In this case, I have a simple iPhone snapshot the Reggie the famous cat that lives in the Cornish Fishing Village of Porthleven. There are also growing fears AI tools may accelerate misinformation, giving lawmakers sleepless nights as they try to regulate the sector.

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Thankfully, we’ve still got some way to go before anything resembling The Terminator universe becomes our reality. Our new website has just been released; we welcome your feedback allowing us genrative ai to provide a better experience… Sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest updates from our knowledgeable experts for tips and tricks on how to improve your online business today.

photoshop generative ai fill

One concept that immediately caught my attention was the possibility of combining photos of distant family members who couldn’t attend important gatherings or even those who have unfortunately passed away. This short story came about only because editor Mike saw my shipwreck photo and suggested I write a piece on my experience. This is certainly not a fully reasoned review of AI tools in photography. Currently, it is only in the beta version of Photoshop, but let me demonstrate it. Adobe Firefly also makes the Photoshop programme more accessible to untrained users. As ever in this blooming and quickly reacting industry, we are abound with talks, insights, and discussions of the latest in this space.

Familiarise yourself with Photoshop’s user interface, including the tools palette, menus, layers panel, and adjustment settings. The effectiveness of Generative AI Fill often hinges on accurate selections, and hence being adept with tools such as Magic Wand, Lasso, and Quick Selection tools can be crucial. According to VentureBeat, Firefly is the only AI service that generates commercially viable, professional quality content, and is designed to be embedded directly into creators’ workflows. Since its launch six weeks ago, Adobe Firefly has become one of the company’s most successful beta launches, with beta users generating over 100 million assets. In a beta release, Adobe unveiled a Generative Fill, bringing its AI capabilities directly into design workflows.

photoshop generative ai fill

That took a step forward with the neural filters which allowed you to change lighting and tones as well as skin appearance and facial expression and added AI enabled photo retouching. It was trained on Adobe’s own collection of stock images, as well as publicly available assets. Adobe has called the tool one of its most successful beta launches ever, with more than 70 million images created in the first month. And then we’ve got generative AI platforms that harness the full might of AI to create, edit, and optimise content, given a human mind knows how to make the most of them.

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