To the Metaverse and Beyond! Whats next for Gen Z and Music?

Roblox To Share Details On AI Initiatives Wednesday: What Investors Should Know By Benzinga

This age group instinctively knows how to use new tools and technologies in a way we’ve never seen before. Epic (operator of Fortnite) completed a $1 billion round of funding in April 2021, which will allow the company to accelerate their vision for the metaverse. Epic’s equity valuation is now $28.7 billion, and Epic just acquired Harmonix, the studio that created musical games like Rock Band and Fuser. Epic says they will work with Harmonix to bring musical experiences to the metaverse.

Inworld AI raises $50M round at $500M valuation for AI game … – VentureBeat

Inworld AI raises $50M round at $500M valuation for AI game ….

Posted: Wed, 02 Aug 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

In the 1990s, research explored the impact word processors might have on child literacy. It found that students writing on computers were more collaborative and focused on the task. In the 1970s, there were questions on the effect electronic calculators might have on children’s maths abilities. ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence (AI) platform launched by research company Open AI, can write an essay in response to a short prompt.


Young people told us that adults’ views about online harms rarely reflected their own. They felt frustrated that they were being told what was harmful, rather than being asked what their experiences were. We can look at past research to track the entry of new technologies into the classroom – and to infer the varying concerns about their use.

roblox bringing generative ai its gaming

Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation that develops, manufactures, and sells optical, image, and industrial products such as lenses, cameras, medical equipment, scanners, printers, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. With the thriving
creators’ industry, VR videos are likely to become the preferred form of content in the future. Canon has already entered the metaverse market with the 2021 release of the Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8L Dual Fisheye lens.

Connecting with Gen Alpha to build the future

Prevention has been the key message for 15 years, but this approach isn’t working. Young people are calling for education, delivered by people who understand the issues. In terms of policing the communication that occurs on these platforms, similarly, this won’t be achieved through an algorithm.

This will allow users to meet friends and family “virtually in-person” by using a compatible Canon camera,
a VR headset, and a compatible smartphone. The software employs Canon cameras and imaging technology to generate realistic representations of its users, giving the impression that
they are speaking face to face and not through avatars. “Young people have already demonstrated a competitive edge in the virtual workplace. They come equipped with a more intuitive grasp of digital technology and the initiative to troubleshoot problems via YouTube tutorials, social media and subreddits.

Consider teenaged Interscope Records signee D4vd, who started making music because he needed a copyright-free soundtrack for his gaming videos on YouTube. He Googled “how to make music on iPhone”, signed up for BandLab, and that was that. If anyone can think of a way that all 13-year-olds can prove their age online reliably, without data privacy concerns, and in a way that’s easy for platforms to implement, there are many tech companies that would like to talk to them. It would be no surprise if parents were concerned about this technology and how it might affect their children.

Founder of the DevEducation project

  • I’ve spent the last two decades researching online safeguarding – discussing concerns around online harms with young people, and working with a variety of stakeholders on how we might better help young people.
  • One of the biggest challenges is staying ahead of the curve in terms of technological innovation.
  • But as talk of the Metaverse gets louder, with more and more companies pegging their futures to this next evolution of the mobile web, the experiences we’re seeing in today’s virtual worlds have certainly grown up.
  • How the internet evolves depends on the degree to which it directs or empowers where our attention lies.

Tencent is well-positioned to benefit from the metaverse, thanks to its stronghold in the gaming, social media, and music, film, and TV sectors. In addition to its ecosystem, Tencent holds stakes in metaverse pioneers like Epic Games and Roblox. To make MSquared a success, though, the company will need brands to build experiences with its technology.

Augmented and virtual reality adds a new dimension to self-expression, and a new space to explore and experiment with identity. Which makes the Collins Dictionary choice for word of the year no real surprise – Permacrisis. Individuals, businesses, charities and governments are searching for new ways to build resilience to weather the next inevitable storm. genrative ai Dutch agency Media Monks has facilitated Duolingo’s operations across the Roblox platform, which offers access to millions of potential users who have yet to learn a second language. Capitalising on its growing viral success, Duolingo has also launched a game jam within Roblox, which enables users to develop games featuring the platform’s famous mascot.

Back to the Future with the Metaverse

In the same month, it raised $2bn in funding from Sony and The Lego Group’s owner KIRKBI to develop its metaverse. Epic will benefit from Sony’s content (i.e., games and movies) and global user base, while Lego will help it contest Roblox’s core users (i.e., children). In May 2022, Epic partnered with WPP to train advertising specialists on creating custom brand experiences in Fortnite and using Unreal Engine for developing metaverse content. My daughter, for example, who is nine, only watches media made in spaces where she plays and builds. And as I see it, this underlying desire for highly personalized and participatory media is going to be key in shaping the future of media and entertainment. Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite, revealed his big plans for the platform and highlighted that their ambition is to evolve beyond being just a game and turn into a phenomenon by building something like a metaverse from science fiction.

Dishing on generative AI with GamesBeat’s Dean Takahashi The AI … – VentureBeat

Dishing on generative AI with GamesBeat’s Dean Takahashi The AI ….

Posted: Wed, 09 Aug 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Proactive news team spans the world’s key finance and investing hubs with bureaus and studios in London, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Sydney and Perth. Imagine you’re as comfortable playing the guitar in a friend’s garage as attending a live concert with them in Fortnite. Adding immersive ads has been a “dream” for Roblox for 15 years, Chief Executive Officer Dave Baszucki said at the company’s developers’ conference this month. The conversation on AI came as Roblox recently announced a deeper push to appeal to the 17 and over crowd of gamers on its platform. On Wednesday, Morgan Stanley is hosting Roblox CFO Michael Guthrie and CTO Dan Sturman to discuss artificial intelligence. Consumers have an unwavering appetite for TWS technology, a new research study from Futuresource Consulting shows.

A gateway to the metaverse

The AI “agents” will reportedly help users to create content or give them advice on WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram. Of course not everyone will desire, or be able to, take advantage of the metaverse – and concerns have been raised that this will further widen a digital divide that was exacerbated in the COVID-19 pandemic by inequitable access to the internet. “With the internet now influencing 50 to 70% of our daily routines and approximately 86% of the global population owning smartphones, it’s evident how rapidly technology has become an integral part of our lives. “I would give a time frame of 5–10 years,” says Dr Matteo Zallio, from Cambridge Engineering Design Centre, who helps organisations to navigate ambiguous challenges for designing inclusive and ethical VR and extended reality (XR) experiences. In the metaverse, you might take a class personalised to your educational needs, acquire job skills in an immersive environment or visit a virtual pharmacy to get advice.

roblox bringing generative ai its gaming

Rather than an “either/or” choice, polarity thinking looks at pairs of seemingly paradoxical relationships (e.g., individual vs. collective, change vs. stability, short-term vs. long-term) as a “foreground-background” relationship. When one side becomes prominent, the other does not disappear but gets relegated to the background. When either end of the polarity is emphasized to excess, the system will respond by necessitating a move to the opposite end. Achieving the equilibrium between the two ends of a polarity is a dynamic process that requires “both-and” thinking, which prioritizes experiencing the benefits of both seemingly paradoxical sides at the same time.

roblox bringing generative ai its gaming

As music adapts to the current climate and a new wave of pioneering talent comes to the fore, it‘s clear that some level of support is needed to facilitate and protect the culture for the future. For those looking to step up and play that role, being present is no longer enough. Bacardi’s recent collaboration with high fashion designer Nahmias offered up another innovative solution in this space. And against this backdrop, technology is breaking down the barriers between artists and their audience. The masses now dance to the sounds of social, but they’re also on the hunt for ever-more intimate experiences. Currently a huge UK shortage of talent with the skills to deliver these experiences.

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