RAW Day Pass: Your Gateway to Flexible and Productive Workdays

Step into the world of flexibility and productivity with the RAW Day Pass. It is a revolutionary solution designed for individuals and teams seeking a dynamic workspace without the constraints of a monthly commitment. Priced affordably, our day pass grants you the freedom to book a coworking space or a private office for the day, giving you full control over your work environment.

At RAW Coworking Space, we understand that the nature of work is evolving, and the Suits Day Pass is designed to meet the needs of modern professionals. As you enter our vibrant coworking community, you embark on a day filled with possibilities.

1 Gigabits/s Wi-Fi Internet Bandwidth

On Desk hand Sanitizers for Regular Hygiene

On Desk USB Charging for Mobile Phones

Access to an Awesome Community

Free Unlimited Caffeine Kicks

Perks of the Suits Day Pass: Elevate Your Workday Experience

RAW Day Pass is not just about providing a workspace; it's a comprehensive solution offering numerous benefits. Look at the advantages of this day pass.

Flexibility Without Commitment

Embrace the freedom to access our coworking spaces and private offices without the constraints of a monthly commitment.
It offers flexibility tailored to your unique schedule.

Affordable Daily Workspace

Experience a productive workday without stretching your budget. At just 500+ GST, the Suits Day Pass provides an affordable option for individuals and teams seeking quality workspace for a day.

All-Inclusive Amenities

This Day Pass offers you access to high speed WiFi, on site support and much more that aims to make your day more productive. These amenities strive to make your work day full of comfort and convenience.

Tailored Meeting Room Options

Elevate your meetings by booking our meeting rooms by the hour. Customise your meeting space with options like TVs, video conferencing facilities, and whiteboards to suit your specific needs.

Seamless Booking Process

Navigate our user-friendly platform for a hassle-free booking experience. Choose your workspace and amenities effortlessly, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—your work.

Versatile Work Environment

Whether you thrive in the collaborative energy of a coworking space or prefer the privacy of a dedicated office, our day pass offers versatile options to align with your work style for the day.

Charges and Details: Your Day Pass, Your Way

The RAW Day Pass is priced at an affordable 500+ GST, offering a budget-friendly daily workspace solution. Book a coworking space or a private office for the day, and if needed, enhance your experience by booking meeting rooms with customizable options. With transparent pricing and a user-friendly booking system, Suits Coworking Space ensures that your workday unfolds seamlessly.

Why Choose Suits Day Pass? Unlock Unique Services at Suits Coworking Space

At Suits Coworking Space, we go beyond providing a mere workspace for the day. The Suits Day Pass opens the door to a range of unique services crafted to enhance every aspect of your workday:

Premium Workspaces:

Coworking space offers remarkable flexibility. Now, there is no more requirement of being tied to a fixed location for endless hours. No matter whether you need a private office space, shared desk, or meeting room, you can adapt your workspace to meet your needs.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Coworking brings professionals from diverse fields together. Make connections with businesses, entrepreneurs, and like-minded people in a cooperative environment. This network will serve as a solid starting point for your development.

Networking Opportunities:

Save big with coworking. Forget about rent, maintenance, and other office utilities. Membership plans cover it all, and you can customise them as per your needs. Unburden your worries regarding expenses associated with traditional office setup.

Ready to Elevate Your Workday? Book Your RAW Day Pass Today

As you contemplate your workspace options, seize the opportunity to elevate your workday with the Suits Day Pass. Embrace flexibility, enjoy a host of amenities, and experience a workspace designed to adapt to your unique needs. Your Suits Day Pass is just a click away—book today and step into a world where your productivity finds its spa

Choose Suits - Where Your Productivity Finds Its Space.


6000 +GST

3x Desk.

18,000 +GST

5x Desk.

30,000 +GST

6x Desk.

35,000 +GST

8x to 10x Desk.

55,000 +GST

Conference Room.

2000 +GST Per Day

Day Pass.

500 +GST

Frequently Asked Questions

The RAW Day Pass provides access to coworking spaces or private offices for the day, coupled with the flexibility to book meeting rooms on an hourly basis. 

Absolutely. The RAW Day Pass allows you to book a coworking space or private office for the entire day and meeting rooms by the hour, offering unparalleled flexibility without any monthly commitment.

The RAW Day Pass is priced at $500 + GST, making it an affordable option for individuals and teams seeking a quality workspace for a day.

No, there is no minimum booking requirement for meeting rooms, ensuring that you have the freedom to schedule your meetings according to your needs.

Indeed, with a RAW Day Pass, you have the privilege of bringing guests along, allowing for collaborative work or meetings in a professional environment.

Yes, the RAW Day Pass comes with inclusive access to amenities like Wi-Fi and printing, ensuring a seamless and productive work experience.